A Different Approach


Cornerstone Law Group, P.C. was formed by Managing Partner Clint C. Brown who, after working for over 15 years with large firms, developed a vision for approaching family law matters from a new perspective. We seek to provide clients with the tools they need to navigate legal processes and emerge with strength, confidence, and self-assurance.

We believe that the approach most firms use in family law matters is one that can leave families fragmented, hurt, and in desperate need of healing. We aim to shatter this paradigm and work hard to support clients holistically during and after legal representation.

By integrating multiple disciplines including attorneys, mental health professionals, and mediators, we strive to provide groundbreaking conflict resolution tools that set our firm apart from others in the legal marketplace.

Client Testimonials

- Jennifer

“Anyone who hires Clint benefits not only from his years of experience and record of success, but also from his connections and familiarity with other area professionals. I can’t recommend him heartily enough - he is unmatched in skill, integrity, and resourcefulness. Because of Clint, I am at peace.”

- Brandon

“Clint and his team were a blessing to me beyond measure. Clint treated me like a human being from the moment we first spoke, onward. Like that of a veteran heart surgeon who had served on the front lines of this particularly gruesome battlefield … In the end, Clint and his team won my case by a landslide. many times before, he was able to cut right to the core of my case with precision.”

- Cameron


“Clint is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him! He is an "out-of-the-box" thinker who is gifted with compassion and tenacity. I found him during a time of my deepest need when my current counsel at the time was simply being out classed by ex's representation. He was able to get things back on track immediately! He stayed completely focused on my goals and needs and performed beyond expectations throughout the rest of a grueling divorce.”

- Elizabeth 

“Clint was a great attorney and was helpful in so many ways. From initial consultation to follow-on assistance, Clint is someone I would recommend to anyone going through a difficult family separation/divorce in the future. He performs due diligence and supports you in every legal aspect of your case. He did so in mine.”

- Catherine

“My case was complicated, but Clint made it easy for me to understand my options and handled everything very skillfully. I am delighted with the outcome. You will not go wrong if you choose Clint.”