Solutions for Life at Every Turn


Cornerstone’s approach to divorce builds on a foundation designed to care for what matters most, “family.” Redefining “family” based on inevitable change is something we believe our clients should accomplish with dignity, respect, and self-healing. Our team of attorneys, counselors, and mediators work to provide clients with individualized access to resources designed to holistically support our clients both during and after the legal process.


Modification and Enforcement

When life’s circumstances change, and those changes affect your children or prior obligations, Cornerstone’s team of Board-Certified legal professionals is ready to help you navigate the process. Whether proceeding in Court, mediation, or alternatives such as Collaborative Law, innovative thinking and creative problem solving are what set Cornerstone apart from other firms.

Collaborative Law

Cornerstone Law Group is staffed with professionals trained and certified in Collaborative Law practice, an approach to family law that unites trained mental health professionals, financial experts, and mediators in a conference-driven process designed to empower the clients to take charge over their own outcome. Collaborative Law puts the “control and power” many feel with Judges or Juries back into the hands of the parties.

Collaborative Law

Premarital and Marital Agreements

For many clients contemplating marriage, protecting and preserving assets and other forms of accumulated wealth is essential for peace of mind. Albeit for tax reasons, protection designed for one’s future spouse against claims that otherwise may decimate the martial estate, or to simply carry forth a family’s legacy, Premarital Agreements are a cost-effective planning tools. Once married, many couples opt to convert various assets or wealth that otherwise stand as community property under Texas law into holdings owned by each spouse as their “sole and separate” property. These agreements are known as Marital Agreements or Partition and Exchange Agreements, and can serve to effectively dictate the reachable wealth of each spouse in the event of dissolution, death, or catastrophe.


The choice that various individuals and couples make to adopt a child is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and joyous occasions in family law. Despite this, the legal process can be daunting without a trained advocate. Cornerstone Law Group employs Board-Certified professionals and litigation team members with backgrounds in psychology who help guide adopting parents through the regulatory steps with confidence. The end result is a newly-formed notion of “family” – and one that is truly touching to watch unfold in its final phases.


Estate and Succession Planning

Cornerstone Law Group believes that planning for the future is essential. We are often asked to create various estate planning documents that serve a multitude of purposes ranging from final disposition of assets in a simple will to estate planning instruments encompassing complex partnerships and trusts designed to distribute more sizeable wealth. Working carefully with select tax professionals or those already known to our clients, Cornerstone Law Group can custom-tailor estate and succession planning tools that will ensure your desires are carried-out for those you cherish most.